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: In what ways, if any, is the French market different?

Ross Montagano : The French market follows a pattern similar to other European countries with regard to e-commerce. There are however, certain socio-cultural differences that impact the way business, in general is conducted. For example, artistic capabilities and personal relationships greatly influence the project management cycle of building a successful website that satisfies the business owner’s aspirations and also meets the end customer’s expectations. WSI Internet Consultants in France are at a huge advantage here as they have access to WSI’s global reach for best of class technologies yet can provide the local touch, ultimately delivering result oriented websites to local French business owners. WSI Internet Consultants in France have an excellent understanding of local small and medium size business owners needs, and develop customized solutions that will be successful in the local market.

What is your general franchisees background?

At WSI, our selection criteria has developed with a clear understanding of what is required to be a successful Internet Consultant, including the need for Consultants to have a business background. There are many different business backgrounds that are found to be useful including Marketing and Sales, Corporate Executives. IT experience and entrepreneurs (those who own or owned other businesses). Our system and training helps our Consultants to build on their professional strengths acquired prior to becoming a franchisee. In addition, the ability on the part of the applicant to follow a proven system for success, including the willingness to work hard, dedication to fulfilling their customers needs and most importantly a personal drive to succeed.

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