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WSI Internet Consulting & Education We Simplify the Internet, In which countries are you located, and where do you plan to go from there?

Ross Montagano - le

: How would you describe WSI’s main line of business to somebody who has never heard of you?

Ross Montagano : WSI is an international leader in providing Internet consulting and education services to small to medium sized businesses. With over 1000 internet consultants in 87 countries, WSI offers a suite of affordable Internet related services and technologies tailored to the unique requirements of each client and designed to ensure maximum return on their Internet investment. The company’s service processes and product offerings “mirror the Internet”. The offerings are robust, flexible, automated, scalable and economical solutions serviced locally by the company’s certified Internet Consultants. WSI products and services are designed to drive traffic to SME sites and enhance customer conversion. SME owners via WSI have access to advanced technologies such as Web conferencing, multi media tools, video email, and a host of other e-services they may need, available locally and affordably.

In which countries are you located, and where do you plan to go from there?

WSI delivers thousands of e-business solutions to small and medium sized businesses annually in 87 countries spanning North America, Central and South America, Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle-East. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is ranked the #1 Franchise in the Internet Business category in the world and the 4th fastest-growing International franchise. The growing number of small and medium sized businesses around the world and their diverse and growing need for economical and proven e-business tools and services is the key driving force behind WSI’s increasing family of certified Internet Consultants.

Interview by Rodolphe Hatchadourian

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